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Hey Walkers!

This Event-style fitness walk is truly unique .

Created by Leslie Sansone’s Walk Productions Team, you can host a Walk Concert in your community!

Get your walking shoes on and join us for a Fitness Walking Event like no other!  You can host  1, 2, 3 or more Mile Walking events!  How about a special 5K or even a 10K?  It’s so motivating!  Based on the world famous WALK at HOME program, a Walk Concert looks and feels just like a CONCERT.  We walk to the best HIT MUSIC!  Motown, Pop, Country, Rock, Disco…all the songs you know and love!

The Miles fly by as we walk to the beat,


firm to the beat,


and stretch to the beat!


SUPER Walkers from all walks of life LOVE this Healthy Event!


Our Certified Walk Leaders are hosting Walk Concerts in communities everywhere!


Learn how you can become a Certified Walk Leader or to host a Walk Concert contact:


23 Responses to “Walk Yourself Healthy at WALK CONCERTS!”

  1. Tina left this comment:

    Where can I find a schedule for Walk concerts in my area?

  2. WaH left this comment:

    We’ll make announcements as we schedule them, and hope to have a calendar of events on our site sometime soon.
    Thanks for walking!

  3. Jeannette Holton left this comment:

    I searched out this site to personally thank Leslie for helping to lead me to a healthier lifestyle. I have 9 different Leslie Sansone walking DVDs and love all of them. I still have several of the VHS versions as well. I have been using the videos off and on for many years. I started using the videos again about 3 1/2 months ago and changed the choices I make for meals at the same time. The combination of my “life style” changes has allowed me to lose almost 40 pounds since February 18th. I still want to lose another 35 pounds and know that I will be able to reach my goal by using Leslie’s videos. Thank you for making walking so much fun!

  4. Terry Montano left this comment:

    I am so excited to become a walk leader. Only two more days to go, June 1. I am so prepared and ready. Love walking everyday, and look forward to sharing my walks with others.
    Thank you, Leslie

  5. Sharon left this comment:

    I think a Walk Concert would be perfect at my community’s annual 3-day Heritage Fair during the July 4th celebration! It’s too late for this year, but if you’re still doing them next year, it’s something to think about for our Heritage Fair lineup.

  6. Linda left this comment:

    What tremendous fun is was for all of us there!! My husband didn’t “get” it before, but he’s a Leslie fan now!! Thank you Leslie for organizing that fabulous concert!! We were thrilled to be a part of it!!

  7. Angie left this comment:

    Will you ever visit Omaha Ne. I would love to attend a walk concert. And where can I get a walk t shirt?

  8. Tammy Padia left this comment:

    I just started using the walk a way the pounds videos and would love to have a walk concert in my community. I live in Dixon, Il. I would also like to have a walk shirt. Do you sell them in a 4x? In one set of videos I just got you are using round blue balls, where can I get some or how much so they weigh? I have 150 lbs to lose to be at a healthy weight and I am looking forward to doing it with the walk videos and Thank you for making a product that anyone can do and loss weight.

  9. Fr. Scott left this comment:

    Walk Concert in Rhode Island – August 24, 2013
    St. Francis Xavier Church
    East Providence, RI
    11AM -2PM
    Everyone’s invited… lots of laughs, food, fun, and sweat!
    Come WALK with us!

  10. Tracy Clawson left this comment:

    Where could I find a walk concert in my area? I live in St. Petersburg, PA 16054

  11. Debbie Lorraine left this comment:

    hello, just wanted dro thank you I live in Elk Grove, Ca and would love to become a walk leader? Is there any walk concerts coming soon to my town? My sister just recently passed away and where doing your walk dvd’s . So each day and night I do a total of 8miles a day 4 for me and 4 for my sis. I have lost over 55 pounds and still loosing thanks to you and my sis in heaven. All thanks to your dvd’s and the one mile walks you e-mail to us each month. So I would love to start one at my church and have he pleasure of getting certified and help many others out three achieve there goal.

    Blessings Debbie Lorraine

  12. Vielka left this comment:

    Hi Leslie I’m glad you exist; my life changed with these exercise. Im from Dominican Republic and I have a sister in New Jersey, she brought a CD’s and it was a gift for me.

    So Im so glad to know you.

    Blessing for you and your family….very very happy life to you
    Sorry for my english : )

  13. Lee Ann Howard left this comment:

    I would love to become certified…started videos years ago after having babies. Got into heavy fitness for a while, but with back injuries, I’m back to walking and as always, love the videos! Ive looked into becoming walk leader several times. I noticed the plea for scholarships, are there any available? I also wondered about locations for live income will not allow me to travel too far. I am in Arkansas, near Oklahoma line, and wondered where closest certifications would be held. Thank you!

  14. Wilma left this comment:

    I wished I lived on the east coast so I could join Lesley on her walk concert…..

  15. Lisa left this comment:

    We need a walk leader in Indiana Pa. A concert would also b great!

  16. NameStephanie left this comment:

    Tell us about it (August 8,2014) I love the walk at home dvds and I cant wait to start losing this weight and to feel better bout myself. Thank you Leslie Sanson, I would love for the walk concert to come to my area in Cincinnati, Ohio. Thank you.


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