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I still can’t believe that I hold this place in the history of QVC! What a journey I have had!

QVC was on the air for approximately one year (1987) when our video distribution company presented the QVC buyer at the time (Kim Patterson) with our (VHS) workout video titled WALK Aerobics!   Our unique way to WALK for fitness in your own home without a treadmill or expensive equipment. You can WALK for MILES but stay right in front of your TV!

Ms. Patterson was just about to reject WALK Aerobics because she was concerned that it would be difficult for the host to describe. Was it walking around in your kitchen? What is Walk at Home?

Shelly Rudin, the representative at the video distribution company, pleaded to Ms. Patterson to let me show her how it worked and convinced her that it was a great product for the QVC audience. When Ms. Patterson allowed me to show her a demo, she became a WALK at Home believer instantly!

Ms. Patterson then went on to ask Joseph Segel, the founder of QVC, if I could go on-air with the host to demonstrate our walking workouts.  He said YES!

Boy, let me tell you- my mission to get more people walking had made a major leap forward!! In my first appearance with the host Steve Bryant, we sold out in minutes! Mr. Segel and I met after that show and I think he had one of those “turning point” moments! The presentation of the product was more powerful when the creator was there!!

There were so many wonderful memories of my visits to the Q, I am so thankful to Mr. Segel and my QVC family!

Let’s take a look back at some of our great times with QVC!

On-Air Testimonials!

More Fun Facts About QVC

    • We produced a Walk With the QVC Hosts show and it was so much fun! Kathy Levine, Steve Bryant, Mary Beth Roe, Mike Rowe, and other favorite hosts!  20,000 Q shoppers have this video! Sweaty!!!

  • I was a program host for 6 weeks (thank you John Eastman for believing that I could do it)! Did anyone see those shows (or only my mother)? It was called Wake Up Workout with Leslie Sansone! John E. was too sweet! He should have fired me after the first show since I was terrible! I have so much respect for the job of a QVC host! Whew, it’s a big job! I struggled during the 6 weeks and no one asked me to return as a host. However, (thank goodness) I was asked to return as the nation’s Walking Coach!
  • One of my all-time favorite times at QVC was when funny man, Tim Conway, came down the stairs of the set and started walking behind me! We laughed so hard that the producers ended the show early! Another show, Marie Osmond jumped in with our Walk Team (I mean “walked” in), and my son walked Joan River’s dog – yes – she tipped him (and he took it! Lol)!

Always surprising and always exciting! You never know what’s next at the Q! I wouldn’t want it any other way!

10 Responses to “QVC’s First On-Air Guest!”

  1. Joni left this comment:

    Wow. I’d love to see a clip of that first show. Congrats! I’ll be recording tomorrow, since I wont’t be near a TV. Lovd your workouts!

  2. catina claytor left this comment:

    i will be wacthing and walking with you leslie! i have been a fan for two years ive tried all the workout dvds but this one works it has gotten m y bmi from 28.8 to 26.6 and i want it to go down more! much love to you leslie!

  3. Kessie left this comment:

    I love Leslie and her Walk Videos. I have tried everything from diet pills to gym memberships, including all the fad diets. My father in law showed me one of his Walk dvds when I was visiting him and I took it home. From the very first time I did the video I was hooked. Leslie is so enthusiatic and very motivating. Her videos are so fun and I have seen awesome results in a short amount of time. I have lost 13 pounds so far.. thank You Leslie for all you do.. I am a forever fan.

  4. Elaine Enlightening left this comment:

    I absolutely love hearing your success story, Leslie!

    I started walking with you after my husband of 23 years died suddenly in a crash. When I moved to the city they put in a new Target and I found your DVD’s there. That was 12 years ago and the rest is history. You inspired me so much that I ended up opening my very own fitness studio. I didn’t turn out to be my “thing” to own a franchise and so after a year I sold it and it is doing really well in my city and I am proud to have brought it here. Now I am a Life Coach and loving it. You have been an important part of my journey and your story of success in this article alone is more inspiration for me.
    Thank you. Love you!

  5. Sophie left this comment:

    Hey Leslie, I love your walking program. Unfortunately it is difficult to get any DVD`s in germany (where I`m from). Have you ever thought about going to the german QVC and sell your DVD`s there as well? I would love to buy more! Thanks so much for your Program. Many warm greetings from Germany!!!

  6. Name Diane Marciniak left this comment:

    Dear Leslie:

    I have all of your walk slim DVD’s, and I have been walking with
    you for 2 weeks now, and I am loving it. Tonight, I wanted to
    try your Walk slim fast firming, which features the Firm Band.
    When I took out the DVD, it was so sticky, that I cannot use it.
    I don’t know what happened. All the other DVD’ds are fine. I
    tried wiping it, but it won’t come off.

    I would like another one, if possible. I would be more than happy
    to mail you this one.

    Thanks for helping us get healthy.


    Diane Marciniak (Ladyarcher1@aol.com)

  7. Mary left this comment:

    Leslie, you are the best. I was diagnosed with hypertension about seven years ago, and was desperate to get my health together, and I knew that meant losing weight. I was given the tapes by a friend and co-worker, started using them immediately. I would do a mile in the morning before work, and two miles in the evening I worked up to four miles in the evening). I changed my eating habits as well. Long story short I dropped 35 pounds in six weeks. My health improved and I felt so much better. I recommend the dvds to everyone who want to lose weight and become healthier. Thank you Leslie and God bless you!

  8. Laura left this comment:

    I found Super Food pamphlet and Leslie’s DVD’s in my sister’s basement. It looked interesting! I’m on my third day with 5 pounds off. I love food and love to eat everything sweet when I feel sad or alone. An emotional eater is what I researched and is came up with ha-ha Thank you this is very simple and easy on my joints! I needed some kind of motivation. I was upset every diet I had been on was too hard for me and my overweight little body. When you are short like I am 150 looks super bad! I LOVE THE PAMPHLET SUPER FOOD! It is easy to follow and I have all those foods here I have been recording my walking time and days. <3 Thank You! <3



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