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More about our friends at Weight Watchers!

Question: Weight Watcher’s has a new points plus program.  I’m doing it online, but haven’t a clue how to figure out points on your tapes & dvd’s.  Any suggestions?

LS: Helllooooo WW participant!!!!!  First … I LOVE what my friends at Weight Watchers continue to offer to make our world a healthier place!  I am not yet familiar with their new point system …. but I can give you this info about our Walks – most of the Miles are designed at a pace that is a brisk 15 minute mile – that’s a speed of 4 miles per hour.  Some of our Miles are faster for advanced walkers …. and some are a more gentle pace for those just starting regular exercise. Do the points compare “minutes” of exercise?

Here are some suggestions from our Walk Store at

Beginner Walkers – try Walk This Way

Intermediate Walkers – try Walk Slim – Fast Start & 3 Fast Miles

Advanced Walkers – try Walk Slim – 4 Fast Miles

No matter how you “count” it  … I promise it all works for huge health and weight loss benefits … “points” are fantastic!  … “miles” are super!….”minutes” are magnificient!  …. “steps” are soooo smart!  Any way you count it …. you get your best body!

Keep doing WW and keep WALKING …. brilliant choices!

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  1. Janis Fontana left this comment:

    Hey Leslie, I’d like to offer your blogger a suggestion! She can purchase and wear the Weight Watchers pedometer when doing your walks! You can set the pedometer to “activity” mode and it automatically counts the points..when you are done, it tells you how far you have walked, how many steps AND how many activity points you earned!!! I find most of 2 to 3 miles walks add 2 to 3 activity points. I’m sure the 4 to 5 mile walks would add even MORE..i’ve just not used them much lately due to time constraints! I’m sure they could easily add 4 to 5 activity points!
    Weight Watchers and Leslie Sansone Walk at Home WORKS and I’m LIVING PROOF!

  2. Sheri Hill left this comment:

    Leslie, I just bought your dvd yesterday, tried it for the first time today and I absolutely love it. I have been walking at home on a treadmill my husband got me for Christmas so I bought the intermediate dvd. It’s so much fun to walk with someone than to walk on a treadmill by yourself and you get so much more of a workout with your walks. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. On my way to a slimmer, trimmer, and healthier me.

  3. SD left this comment:

    Hi Leslie,

    I love the walking activity! To answer the poster’s question, that activity is found by using the “walking on a level surface >3.0 but less than 5.0.”

  4. Sue left this comment:

    I bought your 3 mile calorie blast
    It is going back to Costco
    You may want to put on your package that you are basically standing in front of the TV
    I wanted to walk out doors to a beat not stand in front of the TV
    By the way, your walking belt should be able to accommodate those that are usually heavier , that is why we are starting out with walking.
    Your belt is too small. This is because you must figure that only smaller waist people are using a walking product.
    Please do not ignore you people that are not perfect size

    • Jules left this comment:

      You bought a DVD- did you seriously think you would be watching it and walking outside? Wow.

  5. cindy fulghum left this comment:

    Leslie-I do weight watchers and have done your walking incoroprated with it included in the activity section under videos and several of your tapes are listed inclusive of low,intermediate and high calorie burn. It is how you can add points to your program daily by figuring out how many points your tapes equal to.The programs together go hand in just go to the activity section under videos and hit walking and your tapes are there.Thought you might want to know.The walking definitely helps with my available points because your tapes always point out current intensity we walk at.Especially like high-low ones.I have done both for 13 months now and together it is awesome.I also post on my calendar the days I walk and how many miles to keep me focused on a calendar by the fridge. Walking is the thing I do for me to keep up with my hectic life.Keep the awesome tapes coming.

  6. Lauri Shorter left this comment:

    Leslie, your program is the only one I never dread doing. I love it! I’ve started Weight Watchers and I want to try to keep active. The convenience of walking “in home” is terrific! I have Verizon On Demand and I tune into all of your 1 & 2 mile walk videos. Tonight I did the 20 minute “walk & tone.” I used 7 lb weights which I think were way too heavy but they’re all I had around. What do you suggest for an ideal weight to use? This is sooo awesome!

  7. Wanda Jackson left this comment:

    I purchased Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan at my local Walmart. The first DVD would not go past the warning screen. I returned that one and exchanged for another one. That one also will not progress past the warning screen. I have waited 5 minutes and tried to fast forward and go to menu. Nothing works. Walmart does not allow returns only exchanges. Help!

  8. Linda Wilson left this comment:

    I too have joined weight watchers and am trying to figure activity points. I need to figure out for each of your dvd’s the total activity points per workout. I have been breaking it down into the warm up and cool down phases as Low Intensity. The actual workout as Medium Intensity – and the “Boosts” as High Intensity. These are the WW guidelines: Low: You can talk or sing; your breathing is regular and you are not sweating.

    Moderate: You can talk, but you can’t sing. You breathe often and deeply and begin sweating after 10 minutes.

    High: You can talk briefly, but you can’t sing. You breathe rapidly and deeply and begin sweating after 3 – 5 minutes.

    Leslie would you agree that the “Boosts” should qualify as High Intensity – whereas, the rest of the workout would be Medium Intensity? W/up &C/down Low Intensity? I wonder about the Medium intensity for the bulk of the workout – because I am definitely sweating along with you Leslie 🙂

  9. Danette left this comment:

    I am a Weight Watchers member as well. I have a pedometer and count my steps to figure out the points plus values for the day. Even though my miles do not equal the miles stated on the DVD, I get plenty of steps and have drastically changed my health and size using a combination of the Leslie Sansone DVDs, Weight Watchers, and walking outside.


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