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Nancy Ehle, Calgary, AB Canada said at
I am REALLY enjoying this DVD, Leslie! I thought 2 miles would not be enough for me, but you bumped up the intensity in this one with GREAT combinations and super moves! I really work up a sweat with this 'walkout!' Love, love LOVE the floor segments at the end - you've totally sold me on Pilates moves! Superb exercises, and again, you really gave me a challenge, which is fantastic! I had a couple of car accidents years ago that did a number on my back - it's now stronger and healthier than ever, and I credit your Walk at Home program! Thank you, Sweetie Leslie! Love you!!
gail said at
This might be my least favorite program. I find the constant switching too much. I prefer a few more counts of each move before switching. I'm still going to do it at least twice a week though. ;) And I'm incorporating some of the moves I like into my other workouts. gail ps Having on black pants with black shoes makes it difficult to see what your legs/feet are doing.
sissy crutchfield said at
I just recently purchased belly blasting walk-it is terrific-please help menopausal women with more workouts like this-it is so hard to lose weight and fat because of hormonal inbalances
Kim Lange said at
Hello, I currently can't walk at length at the moment as I'm having physiotherapy for my back, but my physio recommended Chair Dancing. I'd prefer to continue woking out with Leslie though, and I wonder if it is possible to adapt the walks so I can still exercise whilst sitting in a chair? Many thanks Best wishes Kim Lange
Joan Brookins said at
I really enjoy this video, I have 3 DVD's that I rotate. Are any of the girls on this 2nd generation walkers?
Karen McMahon said at
I have struggled for many years with eating....I have worked out for may years with all kinds of different types of workouts...I've been walking with your DVDs for a long time off and on....I always move to something else and end up hurting myself. Now I am using the ultimate 5 day walk plan and love it... 15 miles per week.....hopefully I can stick with this long enough to see some results.....Thanks so much for helping me and so many people.....
Name Donna Costner said at
I love walking away the pounds with Leslie. I have several dvd's that I rotate...but have been using the Belly Blasting Walk, lately. I love the 2 mile walk at the pace that it goes. It's awesome!! I was wondering how many calories you burn in this workout??
WaH said at WaH
Hi, below are some links to blog posts Leslie has made on this topic...hope they'll be helpful for you.

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