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We have some Walking Tips for you!!

Jennipher Walters at Shape Magazine helped us get our word out about healthy Walking!  Here’s the article!

Walk Strong!

When it comes to getting active, one of the best exercises you can do is walk. Think about it — it’s low-impact, there’s no learning curve and you don’t need any fancy equipment. Not to mention that this time of year is gorgeous for going out and getting your walk on. In fact, high-energy gal and Walk at Home creator Leslie Sansone says that spring is her favorite season to get active because the body craves moving outdoors after a long winter!

We recently caught up with Sansone who shared with us some of her best spring walking workout tips!

Leslie Sansone’s Spring Walking Tips

1. Keep your walking shoes with you. What’s the No. 1 thing you can do to be ready for a fitness walk? Sansone says to always be prepared. In fact, she recommends hitting up the spring sales and investing in not one, or two but three pairs of walking shoes — a pair to keep in the car, a pair to keep in your desk and a pair to keep at home. “It’s worth the investment,” she says.  “And you will walk more this season just because you have the right shoe ready when you are!” Talk about a reason to shop!

2. Crank up the tunes. One of Sansone’s biggest motivators besides the sunshine and spring weather is music. You can listen to approximately three songs in the time it takes you to walk a mile, so she suggests adding at least three new upbeat songs to your iPod or MP3 player. What does Sansone listen to on her walks? Only the most feel-good of tracks, of course!

•”I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas

•”New Attitude” by Patti LaBelle

•”Grenade” by Bruno Mars (Sansone suggests downloading the remix at 128 beats per minute.)

3. Invest in a pedometer. If you want to be sure of the distance you’re walking, Sansone suggests clipping on a pedometer. It’s a sure-fire motivator to help you take some extra steps or to literally “go the extra mile,” she says.

4. Plan your spring walks. Just like you would your healthy eating plan or your trips to the gym, it’s important to get organized for success. Every Sunday evening, Sansone sits down to plan her week. ” Write down when you will fitness walk for the week.  Most  likely you will stick to that plan,” she says.  “No plan? No chance!”

5. Don’t let rain stop you. You know what they say about April showers and May flowers. While spring may throw some rainy day wrenches into your best of walking plans, Sansone says not to fret. She’s devoted 25-plus years of her life to helping people to not miss a fitness walk by popping in one of her many DVD Walks!

“The real benefit of our walks show up fast when you combine walking outdoors a few times per week, and then ‘walking my way’ a couple times per week!” she says.

So what are you waiting for? Spring to it and get out there and walk!

Walk on Everyone!!!!!

The WAH Team

12 Responses to “Walk at Home and SHAPE Magazine”

  1. Corrina Nolet left this comment:

    Thanks for all of these wonderful tips Leslie…I do enjoy walking and doing your videos. Thanks for the encouragement

  2. Janis left this comment:

    Awesome article, Leslie! I’ve kept walking..and have lost an ADDITIONAL 20 lbs with you and Weight Watchers… 70 lbs down now! 😉
    My 24 yr. old daughter is considering your Walk leader courses now, too!

  3. Stefanie left this comment:

    Great article! Jan-March have been difficult months for me to keep up with regular walking and I need to find my motivation and get moving again.

  4. Becky left this comment:

    I’m just getting back to weight watchers and walking with Leslie’s DVD’s after quite the hiatus! Glad to be back and glad to get healthy! Thanks Leslie!

  5. Dawn left this comment:

    My feet can’t take the concrete for walks outside. I have supportive shoes with three inserts and an exercise mat just so my feet can handle the impact. I’ve been walking with you for over 2 years now . . . 3-5 miles a day, 6 days per week. I don’t think I’ll ever love any form of exercise. But, after 50 pounds down, and a stronger body, I’m convinced. I highly recommend Leslie’s videos to anyone who will listen. Thank you Leslie and team!

  6. karen left this comment:

    hi love all your dvd, been walking with you for three years. started off only being able to get half a mile completed now 96 lbs lighter and three miles a day four or five times a week i have been able to keep off. it workes all parts of the body… i feel more fit at 41 than i did at 16. my husband also likes my new fit looking butt ….lol thanks leslie

  7. Cindy left this comment:

    Hi Leslie, I have always read that you need to vary your workout so your body does not get use to one move or one exercise. Does your workout DVD’s provide this? Or should I change out to a new DVD every couple of days? Thank you.

    • bryana left this comment:

      HI Cindy! Great Q – yes, definitely MIX IT UP as much as you can with different DVDs, different workouts, indoor walks, outdoor walks, bike rides, etc. Our workouts are best when paired with an all around healthy lifestyle!!! Thank you for walking with us!!

  8. Pat T. left this comment:

    Leslie I love your walk at home workouts, I have seen results and have gone down two sizes from when I started. Just last Tuesday, Oct. 4th in the middle of the 4 really big miles dvd my left knee felt like it dislocated or snapped not sure during the booted walk. I have never had trouble with my knees at all, and now I am afraid to go back to the program. I did the walk and tone from exercise tv but dont break a sweat because I am favoring the knee, it doesnt hurt all the time, but as soon as I go to start the program it starts again, I ordered the you can do pilates and you can do abs dvd’s so hopefully that will help. I dont want to start going backwards again. Could you please give me some insight on what to do, or if anyone else has written you about this. Thank you……miss doing your program!

  9. Marion left this comment:

    We live in a senior’s complex….all independent….and we have been using your DVD’s for our exercise program twice a week for 4 years now. We started with the 1/2 mile, then 3 mile and now we are using the 5 mile DVD but just doing 2 of the miles because they have the boosted walking in the program. Our average age is 77. We have been wondering if this is too much for our age or maybe a different DVD we should be using. Some of us can keep up to 2 segments of the DVD but some just go at their own pace. Any suggestions???

  10. Rojean left this comment:

    I am so hooked on these walking DVD’s! I am already on the Michael Thurman diet and exercises are sooo important. The stretch bands really shape and tone, but your exercise program and bands I can do anytime and anywhere and I HAVE TO SAY THAT THESE DVD’S ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT I HAVE BEEN CONSISTENT WITH! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I too would have continued to gain weight without these programs. I also have to watch my knees, but the right shoes and support and a giving surface can help. I am a caregiver for my mom and so these are sooo perfect for me. Most of the time I do 4 and 5 miles everyday. I notice weight gain with certain foods and keep track what does what and how much pounds. I expect to lose more because I am DOING THESE DVD’S FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND I AM 61!!!! feel 50. I got up to 202 pounds again and said that was enough, walking dvds gave me the tools I can do safely. I am now 195 expect to get to 187 by May 11th. Thank you again God Bless You for your help! I have been up to 214 and didn’t like it at all!


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