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Risk versus Rewards!

It’s easy to assess this one guys: ankle weights are great fitness tools.  I really love them for STRENGTH TRAINING the front and back of the thighs (quads & hams) and also the backend muscles (glutes)! *** My teenage son thinks it’s cool when I shorten the names of the musclesAnything to help a mother seem “cool’ to her teenager …. LOL! (That’s Quadricep Group, Hamstring Group, and Gluteus Group.)

Strength training exercise, that isolates an area of the body, and is performed at a slow, controlled speed, is the safest way to use ankle weights.  The risk is low and the reward is beautifully toned legs!

Walking or Running, also known as Cardio exercise, Aerobic exercise, or brisk exercise, has many risks if you choose to wear weights wrapped around your ankles.  The risks are injury to your ankles, knees, hips and back.  All joints are immediately compromised as your muscles and joints work to control the added weight positioned at the lower end of your leg.  Wearing weights at your ankles will make the workout more intense which burns more calories.  But are the injury risks worth the extra calorie burn?  I don’t think so. There are safer ways to increase intensity to an aerobic workout.  In our world, they are called WALK BOOSTERS!

I’ll leave that BIG topic for another day!

Thanks for the great questions walkers!

9 Responses to “Walking with Ankle Weights – Yes or No?”

  1. Donna o left this comment:

    Thanks for this post. I have been using ankle weights for, as you say, increased calorie burn. I had thought that since I was on a flat terrain, the risk would be lowered. I can see the concern that these weights can cause damage so I will stop using them. BUT I wish it were not so!

    To be honest, I like the results I am seeing. I do have a lot of weight to lose (40-60 pounds depending on the “chart” you read :0)!) and so I guess I am impatient! As a stay at home mom of 4–1 in college, 3 still at home–plus assisting my newly moved in with us in-laws AND assisting with my Grandmother in a local nursing home and finally, caring for a hubby with a chronic illness, I am SO stretched for time! I agree 100% with Linda from the DVD I use—you can ALWAYS fit it in! So I am diligently MAKING the 1 hour of my day to complete the 4 mile walk! THIS should be enough, but my mind is telling me to DO MORE! Silly—after all I did not gain this weight overnight so it WILL take time. But how will I be able to add strength training too??? Using the stretch band in mile 4 is a great thing—but is it enough? I wish I had more hours in my day, but I know I get 24 like everyone else–no matter how many times I ask for more :0).

    Well, again, thanks for this post. I will see what i can do! I have lost about 40 pounds over 3 years! Slow and steady wins this race—I need to put that up somewhere!

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Erin Simms left this comment:

    Hi Leslie,

    I had to come on and let you know how fantastic I think you are. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. It’s a constant battle but whenever I do your DVDs at home and I genuinely ‘listen’ to your encouraging words, I get a big boost to work hard and keep going. I’m from the UK and so getting your DVDs was difficult but I’m now in Canada trying to pursue my singing/songwriting career and I only have to pop out to Walmart and grab one of your DVDs! I even tell people I want them as presents.

    Not only are you an inspiration for people who want to get fit and healthy, you’re an inspiration to people who need a spiritual lift in life. Thank you for that. I’m sure you don’t realise just how much of an impact you have on people.

    I know this has nothing to do with ‘ankle weights’ LOL but I had to get in touch. You’re a very special, beautiful and blessed person. I’m so glad I discovered you.

    God bless,
    Erin xxx

  3. Erin Simms left this comment:

    I don’t use ankle weights, I have enough weight to lift on my legs 😉

    Leslie, I just have to tell you how fantastic you are. I am so glad I discovered you. I’m from the UK and your DVDs aren’t available there but I managed to get a couple from the US. Now that I’m currently in Canada pursuing my singing/songwriting career, I can just pop along to Walmart and grab a DVD there! It’s brill!

    On a serious note, you really have been an inspiration to me. Not only in the sense your words give me the boost I need to work hard and keep going, you also have a beautiful way of bringing spiritualism into your workouts and I love that. It lifts me. You may not know just how much sometimes. I had to tell you that.

    I’ve struggled a long time with my weight. The battle continues but I know that through my faith and through good people (such as yourself) I will get there.

    God bless you,
    Erin xx

  4. Kelly left this comment:

    Donna, try some of Leslie’s other DVDs for more strength training options! She also has 1 & 2 pound soft hand weights, weighted gloves, a walk belt, a weighted belt, and the fit cuff. You can also “boost” your walk with light jogging intervals. I’d suggest doing several different workouts each week. My favorite series for strength training is “Burn Body Fat & Sculpt Your Arms.” It’s sold here on the Walk at Home website and it comes with the soft hand weights. Good luck!

  5. Donna o left this comment:

    Thanks for the suggestions Kelly! I think my hugest obstacle is the time factor! I WANT to add more weight training, but I find it challenging enough to eek out an hour for a 4 mile walk—which is now so routing I guess I don’t need to say “eek out” :0)!

    I have a “wish list” going and plan on ordering 2-3 more workouts very soon! I think I become a creature of habit so i LIKE that I know the routines and know when I can do that boosted walking—or even be able to see improvement in my endurance! It’s cool to see that I could NOT do something a few weeks ago and NOW I can :0).

    It is a goal/dream of mine to be a before and after story—KWIM???

    Enjoy the day!

  6. Pamela McIntire left this comment:

    Leslie is so right. If you can obtain some of her dvds that have the boosters, you will never go back to ankle weights!!!!!! The strechie Band, The weighted Balls, The hand weights, The weighted Band around your waist, The walk Band and the awesome Booster cables, one of my favorites. I have them all, my sport is Walking with Leslie, and I must tell you 5’3 and 108 lbs never felt better. There are times in my life in years ppast when my weight would go up and down not alot but those 5 to 10 lbs that seem to never come off. But once I start walking with Leslie and sticking to it my body started to change and my life, after 15 years of walking with Lelise I do not have to diest, I just walk with my dvds. She is my angle and a gift from God to me. Love you Leslie!!!!!!!!

  7. Alma Castelo left this comment:

    Hi Leslie, these are my comments:
    I´m from Sonora México, I am 40 years old and I´m very happy, because my sister gave me a four fast mile dvd whwn she came to my town, I started working in that dvd and my results are very satisfying, I feel amazing like James Brown and i have lost weight, I don´t know if in México there are your items, because my sister bought it in USA and the people ask me for that dvd because they are seeing how my body is changing, thanks fr help people feel and look better, I love four fast miles.

  8. Jonathan | WorldOfDiets left this comment:

    Hi Leslie,

    I too believe that low intensity workouts can be excellent for many people and they often are disregarded for more extreme measures. Walking is fantastic.


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