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Hi Walkers!

Recently, we were delighted to join our friends at QVC to share a very special new fitness routine with all of you! Our new indoor walking and nutrition program will get you up and moving with the motivation and support you need to improve your health and lose weight – all without leaving the comforts of home! In our opinion, it doesn’t get better than that.

Leslie snagged a fun video of the team before going on air. Check it out below!


Our segment on QVC featured many fabulous women and men, including Paula and Donna, two sisters who are proof that you really can walk yourself healthy at home!

Paula and Donna

Paula and Donna shared their dramatic weight loss and results with our QVC viewers. Donna, for example, went from 273 pounds to 185 pounds in 22 months! She used a variety of our DVDs and followed a reduced calorie diet to see such great success.

Through the current special, you’ll receive seven DVDs created to help you learn how to Walk-Eat-Lose, using balanced meals and walking exercises to meet your weight loss goals! You’ll also receive a set of power-boosting cables to supercharge your workout and further tone those muscles. We’re excited about the results we’ve seen so far and you will be, too!

Leslie demonstrates firsthand how to make healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and in-between snacks. Considering how hectic her own day-to-day lifestyle can be, she wanted to make sure all of the meal ideas were accessible for busy women and men alike, with tips that are easy to follow and, of course, delicious.

Visit the QVC website if you’re interested in trying our new Walk-Eat-Lose program. As detailed on their page, each kit includes the following:

  • 2-mile Super Walk DVD
  • Eating a Healthy Breakfast DVD
  • 3-mile Super Walk DVD
  • Eating a Healthy Lunch DVD
  • 4-mile Super Walk DVD
  • Eating a Healthy Dinner DVD
  • Mini Walks DVD
  • Two approximately 26″L workout-boosting cables
  • 21-day eating plan

If you decide to try our program, we’d love to hear what you think!

We’re curious:

  • What are some of your own best tips for how to Walk-Eat-Lose?
  • Do you use exercise cables in your workout?
  • How do you incorporate healthy eating into your overall fitness and lifestyle goals?

Walk ON friends!

20 Responses to “Walk-Eat-Lose on QVC!”

  1. Brenda left this comment:

    This was the blog I needed to see today! I’ve been disappointed in myself for not trying harder to reach my goals and the plan for this weekend, was to come up with a plan for me to stick to and reach my goals by my bday on Oct.2nd. This blog reminded me how much I LOVED your Walk, Eat,Lose system and that it would be perfect for me to try again. I have so many of your workouts that sometimes it’s hard to choose which one would be best for any particular day, so having this system really works for me because everything I need is right there…aerobic workouts, strength training, good meal ideas and a happy group to walk with and ofcourse…Leslie! Here is what I posted on the boards after I tried this system when it was first released :

    Joined: December 31, 2007 12:00 AM
    Posts: 885
    Location: Maryland
    I must say I have really enjoyed the new Walk Eat Lose system! I’ve been using them since I received them on Feb.4th,all month long and I’m very happy with the results. I love her meal ideas and that they are “simple” and healthy and don’t make you feel like you are dieting. Perfect for me because I never want to “diet” again! I’ve used some of her meal suggestions throughout the month and have used all of the workouts that came with it. I didn’t follow the plan because I’m not a beginner. I did do a total of 75 miles of these walks along with a few others of the AHA walk and some of her you can do yoga.

    As a result: I’ve LOST 4 pounds and 2.50 inches!!!!!!!! (That’s after 24 days of using these new workouts)

    What is also amazing to me in these results is that I was able to lose inches in my hard to lose places such as my calves and thighs which just proves the booster cable is a great tool !

    I have no complaints about any of the workouts, I’ve gotten used to just quickly scooting the booster cables on my feet when the boosted mile comes on. There was a sticky residue left by those little inserts on the dvd but it’s no big deal.
    I loved the fact there were three mini miles to either do all at once or to choose from. They were perfect both for when I wanted to add a extra mile to the other workouts and for when I needed to take it easy and just do a mile. I also enjoyed and was thankful for the new music !!

    Let me add that I am not overweight but I’ve been trying to get rid of the fat and become leaner, stronger and healthier. I believe because I’m at a healthy weight already, it’s difficult to really be able to lose a lot of weight. However I’m so happy with the results of these new workouts that I’m inspired to continue with them to reach my goals!

    I give a sincere Thank You to Leslie and everyone else who was a part of creating this new workout system….I love it and will continue to walk the walk and be proud of my results!

    In reading that, I have a question for you……..I’m not a beginner, so how would you suggest I use your Walk,Eat,Lose system, what kind of schedule do you think would be best to see results. I might only be able to commit to the 2 mile walks M-Th but Fri-Sun…I have unlimited time and can commit to much longer workouts if you think that would work. What do you suggest?

  2. Sheila Khan left this comment:

    I love the Walk Eat Lose program. I enjoy meeting and walking with the women who have beat the odds and lost over 100 lbs a each through diet and walking with Leslie. I also enjoy using the exercise cables so that I am incorporating strngth training in with my walking.
    I love the new program!

  3. Maureen Lilienthal left this comment:

    Hi Leslie

    6 years ago I had stroke, I was only 46 years old. I fought hard and started to excercise with your DVD’s. I started with walk away the pounds and did the 1. 2 and then the 3 mile walk. I now do 5 miles twice a week and various other tapes. I also excercise in a gymn 3 times a week. Two stretching classes and one yoga class. I just love your tapes so much. Thank you for making me a healthier person.

  4. Su Rogers left this comment:

    Hello Leslie –
    I am a Canadian walker who learned about your dvds from an acquaintance about two months ago.

    I decided after using the first dvd suggested to me by my friend, One Mile Two Mile, that I would go in search of other dvds. I found several subsequently. I get tired of seeing the same thing over and over so I decided that I would buy five different dvds and put a different one in my machine every day so that I would maintain my enthusiasm. It works for me.

    I like everything about the way you deliver information. It is crucial to me that there are only four movements required and not complex choreographed set pieces. The four movements are lively and demanding. It is a pleasure to hear your continued encouragement throughout the dvds about health. And I like the way you talk about how the body, muscles, joints are affected by each of the movements. I like the speed of the movements. Some dvds have equipment with them and I find these items invaluable, easy to use and dynamic additions to the movements.

    The fact that you incorporate the muscles of the whole body is a big plus for me as I am trying to get the most out of my workouts each time I commit to doing them.

    Your assurances throughout the routines that I am doing the right thing for myself and my family by walking are a big psychological boost.

    All in all you are in an inspiration to me. Your gentle humour and encouragements make it possible for me to get going with walking most days of the week.

    Thank you!

  5. Su Rogers left this comment:

    I do three miles most days and five miles once a week. I am sure I will increase my commitment to five miles more days of the week as time passes; it is my goal to do that.

    Cuting and Pasting your lucky 13 benefits I keep this close by my dvds for continued inspiration:

    The lucky 13 benefits you’ll typically achieve after six easy weeks are:

    1. You’ll drop 15 pounds of ugly fat!
    2. You’ll gain 5 pounds of metabolism-boosting muscle!
    3. You’ll look and feel fabulous!
    4. You’ll burn an extra 200 calories a day… just by being in better shape!
    5. You’ll lower your risk of heart disease by a whopping 45 percent!
    6. You’ll lower your risk of stroke 42 percent!
    7. You’ll lower your blood pressure by 10 points!
    8. You’ll lower your total cholesterol by 10 percent!
    9. You’ll raise your “good” cholesterol (HDL) by 5 percent!
    10. You’ll lower your risk of diabetes by a super 58 percent!
    11. You’ll lower your risk of an early death by a joyous 55 percent!
    12. Your husband or boyfriend will watch Y-O-U instead of ESPN!
    13. 1. Your family and true friends will be loving and supportive!

    Another big thank you!

  6. Stefanie left this comment:

    I was introduced to Leslie’s program about 2 years ago when I started Weight Watchers Online to lose some weight. One of the members of the support board I post on had been using them regularly. I checked one out from my local library and I’ve been hooked ever since. My favorite is the Walk-Eat-Lose system. I LOVE the body boost cables. I used to hate lunges but doing lunges with the cables make me feel powerful and full of energy so now I enjoy doing them.

    I am still working on weight loss. I haven’t been consistent in exercise or food choices so I’m about halfway to my goal from 2 years ago. I have put myself on a 4 week challenge to see what results I can get before my job starts back up (I work at a public school).

    In December 2009 I was diagnosed with glaucoma at the age of 43 years. There currently is no cure. However, studies show that cardio vascular activity for 40 minutes at least 3 times a week helps lower IOP (intra ocular pressure). Maintaining low IOP is key in preventing rapid vision loss. So besides the weight loss factor and high cholesterol, I now have my vision to be focused on. If that isn’t incentive to keep working out, I don’t know what is! At my visit in June my numbers were on the high side. My doctor recommended cardio activity at least 5 times a week for an hour. During the summer while I am not working I can make time for longer workouts. My goal is to keep up a regular workout schedule so that, hopefully, my IOP numbers will look better when I go back for my check up in December. Once school begins and I am working again I will have to adjust my workouts to smaller segments during the day. One study I read says it takes 3 months of consistent cardio to lower IOP. I have 6 months between visits so I should be able to get my numbers back down to a good range. I am also hoping to reach my ultimate weight loss goal by December 31, 2010.

    Leslie, thank you for the body boost cables. I get the most benefit from these workouts. At least I think I do because the cables make me sweat more than any other DVD I have done.

  7. Jonna Dunlap left this comment:

    I have been using Leslie’s DVD Workouts since 2001. I moved to a new city and found a wonderful new job and decided to make a healthy lifestyle change. My first set was the Walk Away The Pounds with the blue weighted balls. It was a struggle in the beginning because I didnt have any healthy muscle to build on, but I kept it up and started seeing a difference in a few days with boosted energy and healthy meal choices. For some reason if I am exercising I automatically avoid bad food choices. My body tells me to eat protein and to avoid any sweets or high carb foods. After a month I had gone down 2 dress sizes and had a lot of energy to keep up with my 4 year old and I just kept getting slimmer.

    Since then a lot of changes have been made in my life but I still use Leslie’s videos. The Walk Eat Lose was a stretch for me because of the bands but I tried it. At first I felt clumsy and didnt commit to getting used to the flow of the movements. Since that first week I have made a lot of progress and now these are the videos I tend to use the most. I have over 30 videos and they are all Leslie’s. Some of my favorites are the Walk Your Belly Flat and the Pilates inspired walk. I also love the You Can Do series. When I am really toned and fit I choose these to make the most of my workout time. They make me feel strong and healthy knowing I can do these sophisticated routines and to know I really Can Do Yoga and Pilates.

    My weight has seen changes over the last 10 years but I am currently down 60 pounds from my weight in 2001 and I have so much healthy muscle that if I dont stick to my workout schedule I know I can really pump up my miles and within days start to see a difference. Since the healthy muscle uses so much energy 24 hours a day I dont worry about doing a walk every single day if my life gets in the way because I know when I make time to walk I can make up for any days I missed.

    I highly recommend these workouts to anyone who isnt sure they can do routines. They are so powerful you cant help but get in shape but at the same time they are very easy to do. When Leslie introduces a new move I usually fall right in to it with her and when I struggle on a more complicated move I just modify the move but keep the pace with Leslie because I know it isnt the moves but the pace that gives me the results I want – A healthy strong body – with these videos I truly take care of the house God gave me, my body. I suffer from fibromialgia and my doctor has noticed the difference in my treatment since I started the Walk Eat Lose. he is a fitness minded man and works out with the really tough workouts that require more strength than I have most days but my results in building muscle tone and strength are no different than his and he was very impressed that I found something so wonderful and I am very glad I talked to him first so he would know what I am doing to make myself healthier which means losing those extra 60 pounds. Thank you leslie for continually adding to your wonderful library of videos it truly has made me a healthier, happier person.

  8. Gemma Gambale left this comment:

    I have leslie’s walk at home 5 mile Fat Burning Walk. It is great. I bought it in March when I was in Canada visiting family. My cousin took me to Buffalo shopping and I found the DVD. I brought it back to Italy with me and all my friends love it and would like a copy but I have not been able to find it. It has helped me alot. I do the 5 miles, 5 days a week first thing in the morning and on weekends I do 3 miles. I have tried other walking DVD’s from others but I find Leslie’s the best. I have gone down 5 dress size and feel great. Is there anywhere in Italy or Europe where we can buy Leslie’s Dvd and preferably dubbed in Italian for my friends??

  9. Maritza left this comment:

    Hi everyone I really love the walk eat lose system. the cables are potent and they do take the walks to a higher level of fitness. I hope to someday see new WO’s with these cables they are great.

  10. Gloria left this comment:

    Found Leslie’s video on youtube today and followed along to part 1: start quick and easy 15 min walk, love everything about it. I find Leslie’s instructions motivational, the moves are super super easy and the music has great beats! Back to exploring your site. 😉

  11. the Success Ladder left this comment:

    Great article, thanks for sharing this. I have subscribed to your RSS feed and am looking forward to reading more from you.
    Keep up the good work and don’t stop posting please.

  12. Ruth left this comment:

    I purchased the Walk Eat Lose from QVC and like many others I love it. I love the cables – they get down to deep muscle that you just do at home. For 6 months I went to a local gym and did all the machines – leg press, eliptical, all the normal gym equipment and I didnt get any results but sore muscles a bad case of bronchitus from being outside in the cold after getting very hot for an hour. With Leslie I dont have to do any of that – I have a room all to myself and my sweet family doesnt bother me unless there is blood or fire involved ha! and I so enjoy the workouts. I have over 30 videos and I can go more than a month and not do the same routine twice. But I keep coming back to this because it is such great interval/circuit training. I also found a Power Series Walk and Kick DVD that I never even opened from a garage sale. I had the VHS version and just couldnt do it but I felt confident one day popped it in and I did every minute of the workout and I did every move. I am glad I was alone but I attempted every move Leslie showed me.

  13. janet left this comment:

    In about 4 months of walking at home with Les and her buds, I lost 4 inches off my bootie, three from my waist. She taught me to focus on the healthy, once I obeyed : ), the weight loss came . From 150 lbs. to 134. I have put Zip lox and rubberbands around the kids snack-foods! Not worth the effort now to open mindlessly. MAIN POINTS: Focusing on health eases weight-causing stress. AND,I walked EVERY DAY. Today I’ll begin the YOGA CD while recouping from surgery.

  14. Pamela McIntire left this comment:

    Leslie, I have been working out with your new routine with the body cables, I need more!!!!! Are you going to make more dvds with the body cables?? I have mastered these and I want more. We love you Leslie and thank God for you!!!!!!

  15. nada left this comment:


  16. lita button left this comment:

    Hi Leslie,

    I have been walking with you for a lot of years now and owned few of your DVDS.Wondering if I can join the SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE even if I don’t have the Walk-Eat-Lose DVd yet??

  17. dulcy left this comment:


  18. Evelyn Shurley left this comment:

    Leslie, I just love your Walk at Home DVD’s. I was given your DVD by my mother in law,(last half of 2008) who recieved it as a gift from her pastors wife. I did not keep track of my weight, just wanted to maintain the current size, but I and my friends and family have noticed such a change in my muscles. THIS is AWESOME!! I stated them faithfully with a mile a day and weekends off. But I was LOVING the way I feel, and was curious to do more. I stared two mile a day recently, and am loving it! Will post again in a few weeks to give ou an update. God bless you, Leslie..I love the music and the encouragement, God is truly using you to help OTHERS.


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