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Janis said at
Have not yet seen you on QVC, and tho' I don't really do alot of at home shopping...I will definitely tune in tomorrow night@ 10pm! 6am is a BIT early for me! LOL :-)
Cheryl Janusek said at
As always, LOVE seeing you on QVC Leslie! Definitely will be watching AND waling with you!! Cheryl
Cheryl Janusek said at
Oops! Spelling error!! LOL! Will be WALKING with you!! Cheryl
Lorelei said at
I didn't think I'd get to see the morning show, but thanks to nasty East Coast weather, I get to work from home tomorrow! No sleeping late for me though - I have to get up as early as usual so I can fit in my 4 Fast Miles before tuning in. :)
Judith said at
SO disappointed to find that the QVC programme is not featured in UK! I had set it all up to go, but no, it wasn't Leslie. Is this programme ever going to be shown in UK?
Sue Anderson said at
Hey, just did your BURN BODY FAT 1 mile. After 3 weeks of not doing the walk-at-home I was winded but soooooooooooo appreciated the 'walk-out' I really appreciate when you have the cool down option at the end of the 1 mile workouts. Often that is all I have time for and need the cool down. Thanks for all your workout. Sue
Debbie Beitzel said at
Can't wait to see you on QVC on Feb 2nd at 6am. You are my motivator, I am in my 50's and I now have found a program that I can do. You lift me up both physically and mentally, You are an angel sent by God to help us all. Thank You for all that you do. I can't wait for your new dvd coming out soon. Walk Walk Walk!!!!

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