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My sister and I attended a lecture at Slippery Rock University in PA (20+  years ago ) – the speaker – Dr. Kenneth Cooper of the Aerobics Center in Dallas TX!  It was my moment of commitment – it was my BIG BIG “life-changing” moment  … I want to be in Dr. Cooper’s world!!!! He was so passionate about the message of wellness … to do everything we can to maintain good health!  How it effects everything – and I mean “everything” – how we think, perform, and live each day is directly impacted by our choices to be active people  … which in turn impacts our mind, thoughts, and behavior …. which then continues to impact our soul, spirit and essence!

I was recruited to the gospel of Cooper  MIND – BODY – SPIRIT!

This beautiful Friday Morning – I dedicate my 2 Mile walk to my “Mentor above all Mentors”    – Dr. Cooper turns 80 today!  HAPPY , HEALTHY B-DAY Dr. C! May you know how much you have inspired this little Walking Coach …. and how you have impacted the health of our world …. you really WALK THE WALK … sending love to you and your family on your 8 – 0  B-day!

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  1. Janis left this comment:

    That’s wonderful news to share, Leslie. You and my Weight Watchers team were integral in changing MY life! You’ve been my inspiration to keep walking! 🙂
    Seriously considering your Walk Leader training for my adult daughter and myself!

  2. Myrna Renoud left this comment:

    leslie…what an inspiration you have been for me. I’m 61 years young and trying so hard to develop a healthier lifestyle. You’ve given me hope that it’s not too late! I recently lost a lot of weight and am trying to get my walking life in order as well! Thank you for not forgetting about us older ladies…..we love life too and want to be healthy and feel good! Your excercise DVD’s have been such an inspiration to me….and so affordable and easy!!!

  3. Mary Ann left this comment:

    When I was in my early 40’s (about 15 years ago) a friend DRAGGED me to a Step Aerobics class. After the first night (and almost having a stroke)…. I was HOOKED. My friend promptly quit the class and I stayed on for many more six week sessions at our community center before buying my own step and vidoes. I did step 5 to 7 days a week for over 12 years. I loved it.

    A few years ago my left knee starting hurting a lot, almost to the point where stepping was excruciating. An Orthopedist told me I had to quit stepping or expect knee replacement surgery. About the same time, I also developed Plantar Faciitis in both feet, Hallux Rigidis in my Right Great Toe (had surgery) and now I have Plantars Fibroma in one foot as well.

    Even with these disabilities I could not just STOP working out. I’ve tried weight training (which I love) treadmil (ugh), eliptical (boring), dance aerobics (not so much fun), and every low impact step and aerobic video I could find. NOTHING made me happy like stepping did. It was challenging and fun and I missed it. I love weight training, but missed the cardio.

    Then, last week I received my first Walk at Home video by Leslie and I was THRILLED! It was fun, my heart rate was up and my blood was pumping and the time just flew by! I walked a mile and wasn’t even conscious of my feet hurting like every step on the treadmill. The next day I did the Power Walk and then went straight into the next segment completing it too (3 miles!) and I had a great time doing it!

    The squats hurt a little in my knees but then I just adjust and don’t go down so far the way Leslie instructs us to.

    I LOVE THESE VIDEOS (I just ordered a 2nd one) and I haven’t missed a day working out this whole week unlike when I was using the treadmill. I look forward to doing it..

    Thanks so much for helping me find something that I can DO that I enjoy, that is fun and makes the workout time go so fast.
    I’m really really happy I found the Walk at Home videos!

  4. jennifer gross left this comment:

    Hi, I love the fast 3mile walk at home video.I have trouble though with my diet.Can you help me?


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