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Happy New Year to all of our friends, both old and new!  We are confident that WALKING is the way to go this year to reach all of your fitness goals.  When you walk with us, you know you’re getting a stronger walk than a casual stroll in the park.  Our walks are designed to get your feet moving – it’s the speed you need to get in shape!  Our walks are also low-impact, which means they are friendly for all walks of life!  Whether you’re a novice to exercise or a fitness fanatic, you can and will obtain so many wonderful health benefits by walking with us!

We believe in our way of walking so much that we are proposing a 21-Day challenge beginning Monday, January 9th, 2012. Here’s the calendar for what you can expect!

You can download this photo and print the calendar for yourself!

As it is New Years, we’d like for you to think about one goal you’d like to accomplish this month! This can be a simple goal: I want to walk more! Or it can be a miles goal: I want to walk 55 miles this month! Even a weight loss goal can be a great challenge: I want to lose 5 pounds! No matter the goal, set something reasonable and attainable! We want you to succeed, and part of success is setting yourself up to win! We know you can do it, and we thank you so much for walking with us!

We will post daily reminders on Facebook and Twitter beginning Monday, January 9th, 2012 at 9 AM EST/6 AM PST! Print out the calendar so you can plan ahead! Just click the picture, and press print. It’s that easy.  You can also join the event on Facebook by clicking here!

Walk on, walk strong this 2012 everyone!

PS: Here’s the PDF Version of the Calendar if you’re having trouble printing!

30 Responses to “Introducing the New Years Resolution Challenge!”

  1. shaimaa left this comment:

    hi leslie
    my name is shaimaa i’m egyption and love you so much
    i did the December challenge and lost 5.5 pounds
    i’ll begine with you this Challenge .
    I want to lose 7 pounds .

  2. New Challenger left this comment:

    Please send you send the challenge as a pdf. I am having problems printing.

    • bryana left this comment:

      New Challenger – we uploaded the PDF version – check the post!

  3. Cindy wallace left this comment:

    WOW!!!!! This just what I need. I just started walking again with 2 miles but want to work up to 5 miles a day. This is just the thing I need. I have 12 different WATP Dvds so I can mix it up. Might not be able to do it on the 9th as I have test at hosp but I will start on the 8th and the if I skip the 9th it shouldn’t matter.

  4. Cheryl Janusek left this comment:

    Leslie, I can’t think of a better way to begin a New Year than to get into another Challenge! Looking forward to it!

  5. Sue Eastburn left this comment:

    Hi Leslie,
    My name is Sue and I love walking with you. Been walking since September was up to 3 miles a day outside. Then my daughter told me I needed to add exercise, so we purchased my first DVD and now I have 3 DVD’s. It is very satisfying and I look forward to my friend and I walking each day. My goal for 2012 is to lose approximately 60 pounds. I am planning on taking your challenge starting January 9.

  6. Cynthia Green left this comment:

    I will do what the calendar says to do each day. I also want to lose 2 lbs per week.

  7. Leigh left this comment:

    I am so excited to start the 21 day challenge. My goal is to lose 10 pounds this month. I have several of Leslie’s walking DVDs (and love them all!) Overall, my goal is to be at my goal weight by June (vacation time!)

  8. Dawn left this comment:

    I have already begun my Jauary challenge!! By the end of the month, I hope to be up to 20 miles a week, and 5 lbs down. I will be walking 5-6 days a week, boosting fairly often. Love your DVD’s after several years, never get bored with them!!
    Did my 4 miles today…4 of the 5 really big miles. I did mile 3 twice to get the boost.

  9. baby left this comment:

    i am totally in..motivated. my 15 th weding anniv is in november, being an indian i want to in fact dream of wearing a sexy saree & a backless blouse!! any tips u give will b my comand…. just b there for me tell me how… i am a total veggie eggs no meat no chicken no fish=0
    please can u suggest meal size & veggie options too

  10. Danette Patnode left this comment:

    Hi Leslie,
    My name is Danette Patnode form Milwaukee, Wis.
    i love your 5 mile video. I do at least 30 minutes every night.
    I use soup cans for my weights, works very well for me.
    I too am looking forward to walking away the 10 lbs. I had put on since I quit smoking a year ago.

  11. Sheila Boice left this comment:

    Hi Leslie! I notice that you were born in the same year that I was and so we both have a BIG milestone birthday this year. I have just started with your DVD’s and absolutely LOVE them! I am goint to Ireland this year to celebrate my BIG b-day and would like to lose 50 lbs. before then (I have until the end of May) I am confident that your exercise programs will help me achieve my goal by then. I usually hate to exercise, but the Walk DVD’s make it seem effortless (but I still end up sweating!) Thanks for all you do. God bless you and your efforts!

  12. maryanne left this comment:

    Hi Leslie..greetings from Canada.. can’t wait to start this challenge. hoping to lose at least 5 pounds 🙂 good luck everyone!!!!

  13. Lili left this comment:

    Looking forward to getting started and seeing results! Good luck everyone 🙂

  14. Susan left this comment:

    I’m so looking forward to this! I just started Weight Watchers–one week down–and recorded this month’s challenge as a personal goal. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to get started!

  15. Pamela left this comment:

    Hi Leslie plan on starting this challenge today. Will run and pick up DVDs at lunch. I am a member of My Fitness Pal and they have a group called SWaT with Leslie Sansone that I just joined. Can’t wait to see how I feel, the way my body looks and what the scale shows me at the end of the challenge. I got the calendar printed out and will do my 2 mile walk before I lay my head down this evening.

  16. Erica left this comment:

    My goal is to lose 10 lbs. this month. I just started back today and I’m also doing Weight Watchers!

  17. maxine left this comment:

    Hi Leslie i fall off the ban wangon but now i am back on, did 2 miles this morning and going to work my way back up, want to drop 30 pounds.

  18. Pamela left this comment:

    Hi Leslie started your challenge on Monday and feeling great. I am using the waist belt and cannot wait to see the results after the 21 day challenge is up. I want to loose at least 6 pounds by th end of the challenge and have more energy. Thanks so much for these DVDs. I hope I can make it through the 3 mile walk which starts per your calendar on Friday.

  19. Becky left this comment:

    Leslie, I just started doing your one mile walk. Have you switched from weighted balls to soft hand weights? Do these work better? Can I still get walk away weighted balls? Thanks!

  20. Michele Seraphim left this comment:

    I just purchase my first walking video about a week ago! Whaaa whooooo! I love it so much I went and got a second tonight and did my first 4 mile walk! Incredible! I have been telling everyone and hope to get both my Mum and Mother In Law involved! Thank you so much for finally making a fun vid that is safe and works without feeling like you’re being punished! I just felt loved and like you really care! Wonderful! I’m hooked for life!

  21. Carrie left this comment:

    I didn’t start off with a goal for this challenge because I had hit a weight loss plateau recently, not to mention that I’d gained a few pounds during December. I would have been happy to have just lost those three pounds by the end of the three week challenge. I was thrilled to weigh-in today and discover that I’d lost the whole three pounds in one week! This is a record for me, in spite of eating right and exercising regularly. This challenge must have gave me the boost I needed. I bought two new 5 mile WAtP DVDs and they are awesome! Since I’m not sure if the three-pound weight loss was a fluke, my goal for this week is to lose one pound — but if I lose two I will be very pleased. In fact, if I even lose one pound, I will reach the lowest weight I’ve been at for over four years. I’m looking forward to checking in next week with my results and seeing how everyone else is doing as well. This challenge is such a great motivational tool! 🙂

  22. Virginia Pearson left this comment:

    Hi Leslie, my name is Virginia Pearson and I have been following you for a while. I found about you by renting your DVD from the public library and I have been a fan ever since then. I love you and your enthusiasm, that’s what motivates me. I am excited about the challenge and hope that you will have one every month of the year. Thanks for being a health nut.

  23. Jalene left this comment:

    I started using your DVD in June 2011, and I have lost 20 pounds. I love, love it! It is such a great and pain free work out. Thank you so much for keeping me motivated. I feel better, and look younger. I got carded ordering a glass of wine last week, and I am 42! It’s all thanks to you!

  24. Vonnie K. Natto left this comment:

    Hi Leslie, My name is Vonnie K. Natto, I’m from Solomon Islands. Honestly speaking, YOU HAVE THE BEST PROGRAM IN THE WORLD. I tried different programs and exercises for many years it just hurt me and didn’t help. I don’t know anything about your program until we have our Missionary came from USA and introduce this program to me and few others. I started on the 26th December 2011 until now, and the result is unbelievable. I weigh 100 kilos and now I lost 10 Kilos. I have a lot of friends said to me, Vonnie, you loose weight and look smart, can u tell us your secret. I told them to come and see me taking the 3 Miles workouts. You know what they did, they stood up and joined me. Ha! Truly it was a great blessing to me to have this walk away the pounds. I have a group of friends taking the walk with me now. Some of them are doctors. They highly recommended your program to many people. God Bless You for your great concern and help for many and myself.
    I felt great about my body.

  25. Bradley D left this comment:

    I’ve found the best way to ‘get in shape’ from home is by doing fitness challenges. My favorite free site for this is – there is over 1000 free fitness challenges on there, plus you can create your own for yourself, friends and family. Challenges i’m currently competing in are the ‘Push-ups in One Minute Challenge’ and the ‘In and Outs Core Challenge’.

  26. Thelma left this comment:

    Love, love, love these challenges. Hope there will be one for February!

  27. FELICIA left this comment:

    HI, Im a 35 years old African lady am working out with your 5 miles DVD and I lost over 48 pounds in 7mouth. thank you Leslie for your walk at home DVD’s.


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