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We are so happy to be hosting an end of the year challenge starting December 1st right in your own living room!

Thank you for letting us into your homes for what we think will be the perfect challenge to walk yourself healthy into 2012!  This challenge will guide you in walking 67 miles this December!  The goal for this challenge is, “Less workout time but a bigger burn!” Of course we’ll be walking great big 4 and 5 miles on somedays, but we’ll also be walking 2 and 3 miles on other days!  We love walking not only for weight loss, but for reducing stress and giving us wonderful energy! Our awesome walker Beth said it best,

“I am amazed at how exercise balances out my emotions the way it does. I feel so much healthier, emotionally and physically, when I am walking!”

Beth is so right!  We know how hectic the holidays can be, and we want to encourage you to keep walking strong and enjoy those stress-free and energetic benefits!  We think this challenge is a great way to bring on the new year!  We hope you think so, too!

Click here –> The December Challenge <– to get the Challenge calendar!

Download it, print it out, and mark off every day that you walk!  Don’t forget to check in on Facebook and Twitter to let us know how your walks are going!  Officially “JOIN” the challenge by Attending on our Facebook Event!  Click here for details!

Don’t forget!

Challenges are typically designed for Intermediate/Advanced walkers. But we want all walkers of all levels to walk with us! If you are a beginner, just subtract one or two miles from what is listed on the calendar! Make this challenge YOUR challenge by customizing it to suit your level of ability!

Finally, if you don’t have a big chunk of time to walk for 2 straight miles, you can split them up anyway that works for you!  We always encourage this – it’s better to get in 2 Mini Walks throughout the day than no walk at all!

Have a happy, healthy December walkers!  We are so blessed to welcome a healthy new year by walking with our best buddies!

25 Responses to “Introducing the December Challenge!”

  1. Cynthia left this comment:

    Perfect timing for the December Challenge!!

    Time to get moving for me!

  2. Janis left this comment:

    Looking forward to this…my schedule has become VERY this will def. be a challenge. I intend to put ME first for this! 🙂

  3. Kim left this comment:

    I need this challenge to get myself back on track.I know this exercise will help me to get through these winter months.I have lost 78 pounds and had gained some back over the summer.I don’t want to go back to the way I was. I need a step in the right direction and this is it.

  4. Sharon left this comment:

    I am so psyched for this challenge. I just lost 27 lbs since August and going strong!

  5. Jenna Raboin left this comment:

    Looking forward to starting this!! Got the calendar printed and ready to walk!!!! 🙂 I have already lost 17 pounds because of you! Thank you so much Leslie!!!!!!!

  6. Tammy left this comment:

    Is there another link for the printable calendar? I can’t get this link to open.

  7. Tollu left this comment:

    I’m in!!!
    The challenge is coming right on time because November has been a break month.
    Thank you Walk Away The

    • bryana left this comment:

      Great Q Carol – Boost It means short intervals of light jogging! You can find this on DVDs like the Walk Slim Series, The Big Burn, and 5K With a Twist!

  8. Liz left this comment:

    Could you give me an average amount of calories that are burned when you work out to your DVD’s.

  9. Gill left this comment:

    It’s 4 am here in the uk and I’m ready to start my December Challenge. I have lost 37lb since July walking with Leslie and I am addicted. I walk every day. Thanks you so much

  10. Julie left this comment:

    I’m really looking forward to the December Challenge! I’ve lost 38 pounds since Aug. 28 and owe it in large part to 5 Really Big Miles, along with a huge support system and leading a healthier lifestyle. Thank you!

  11. Dahne left this comment:

    I’m so ready for this challenge! It’s been too long for me and I need to get re-motivated and start moving. Today is the day!! I will try to start with 5 miles, but, who knows. My goal is to just restart and not to re injure myself. Good luck all and have a great walk!

  12. Shel left this comment:

    Can you tell me what DVD’s I will need to do this December challenge? Thank you.

    • bryana left this comment:

      Hi Shel! Any DVD you have will work!! Anything that keeps you motivated!!

  13. Diane H. left this comment:

    Here it is December 4th. I take this challenge. I won’t include the miles I walked yesterday to Leslie’s DVD’s. Which was a total of 4. I will however, meet this challenge, and perhaps, surpass it. I challenge anyone that reads this to surpass it too. After all, a good portion of you have several day’s head start on me. So, let’s us all get going, and walk our way to a healthier life, and to beat the pants (smaller ones) off of each other.

  14. Eva.Larios left this comment:

    My name is Eva I’m 28 and I’m back in forth with my weight I’m a mommy of 2 kids and I’m striving to show them walking is important.A couple of months back I was using your dvd. Lost 10 pounds I was so happy I was 140 and drop to 130.But my life took a turn for the worst and I gain it all back and some but I’m starting ur 1-5 mile walk.Yesterday was my second day but I can’t wait for my result even tho I just starting your a blessing to my life and my kids.I battle my weight all the time every sense I had my first baby boy at 18.But thank your for everything for giving people like me hope.

  15. Melinda left this comment:

    I have been using the walking tapes and counting my calories for about 1 month now and have lost 20 pounds! I am really excited about this month’s walking challenge and have done every day so far! Excited about walking now and staying strong!!

  16. Corinne left this comment:

    This is definitely the month to do it 🙂 I was wondering Leslie, did you ever consider trying out for top chef? or top chef masters? You have the gift in exercise but also in recipes 🙂 I use your video’s all the time for your food blogs and membership videos. Just a thought. I met you when I was 26 as a systems administrator in Manhattan and now at 34 your still the only exercise videos I turn to when I’m not outdoors. Even though, outdoors–I still say “I’m walking away the pounds lol…”
    Happy Holiday,
    PS you really should be on the food network. Leslie Sansone “Your Awesome!”

  17. Denese left this comment:

    I have always walked with you on Demand with Comcast, but you are not there anymore. Will you be back on in the near future? I hope so because I really liked your work outs and it was so convient to flip on the TV on Demand and get your Walking programs.

  18. Tonya left this comment:

    I’m a little late for the challenge but i have been walking every weekday morning for the past six weeks. I started out with Lesley’s three mile dvd and now i am walking/jogging with her 4 Fast miles dvd! I’m loving every minute of it! My goal is to lose 40lbs before my 40th birthday which is in March! Since I’ve started walking, i see a major difference in my energy levels, my sleeping pattern and i feel less stress!

  19. Doris Corea left this comment:

    I’ve been doing your program for over 10 years; even after my 2 hip replacements. Currently doing Walk Off Even More Wt & added the walk away belt for upper body, too. 2 belts on very comfortable & really signals core. First 2 yrs I did program I did just that & lost inches & belly!!!

  20. Nancy left this comment:

    Leslie, I want to thank you for your patience with those of us who drag our feet. Really, you wouldn’t be affected by this, but I actually bought one of your dvds five years ago and I am only just now committing myself to walking with you at least 3 times a week. I am severely obese (300lbs) so I am definitely in need of help. Two months ago I had to have surgery on my legs to correct a serious problem I had with the veins in my legs due to my obesity. Now that I am healed from the surgery, I am not going to stop getting healthy. Yesterday, for the first time since I can remember, I was able to bend over and touch my fingertips to the floor — truly a miracle! I want to thank you for your positive and encouraging remarks during your videos. I am currently still on the one mile walk, but soon I will try for two miles. I’m gonna get healthy and strong. No more sitting an watching the world out of my window. During the warm months, I’m going to go walking at the park nearby my home. God bless you. Keep encouraging others to get out of their chairs and off their sofas. We all need a to keep healthy.


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